Sunday, August 19, 2007


Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) co-founded Cubism and produced a monumental 20,000 artworks during his 70-year career. Picasso’s torrential outpouring of work was so extensive and complex that art historians have divided it into individual periods. A prodigy in his youth, Picasso enrolled in advanced classes at Barcelona’s Royal Academy of Art at age 15.

This etching La Maternité was made in 1963, measures 19.5 x 25.4 in. and was part of the collection of William and Edith Goetz, daughter of Louis B.Mayer, founder of 20Th Century Fox. In 1988 the Goetzs sold 29 pictures for a total of $84.9 million, "La Maternité" - not to be confused with the same subject called LA Grande MAternité (35 x 24 in)- fetching $ 24.75 million and bought by Mrs. Amalita Fortabat, heiress of a cement conglomerat of South America, after a severe bidding war with Shigeki Kameyama, art collector from Tokyo.

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