Friday, February 2, 2007


Claude Monet (1840-1925 ), founder of the Impressionism movement, broke free from the confines of traditional art to evolve into a groundbreaking landscape painter. Part of a series painted to capture a scene in various phases of daylight, his “Japanese Bridge ,” features a wooden footbridge spanning his Giverny home’s lily pond. The beautiful water landscape is given the remarkable depth of a view seen through a window.

It was part of the series of the Nympheas (waterlilies) that Monet painted from his home in Giverny, France. "It took me time to understand my waterlilies. I had planted them for the pleasure of it; I grew them without ever thinking of painting them", he said once.

In 1988 the Pont Japonais was sold in auction in London for £5.5 million.

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