Sunday, August 10, 2008


Raphaella Spence is an English painter born in London in 1978 who lived in France with her parents during her childhood. At age twelve her family moved definitively to Italy where she completed her studies at the St. Georges English School in Rome.

Influenced by views of the Umbrian countryside, Spence turned toward the creation of the Photorealist landscape. Her paintings are magnificent and extremely colourful. Her work goes for
£ 7,500 to £ 13,700 ($13,800 to $25,200) making a very sound Art investment if you consider that she is only 30 years old. At 30 in 1911, Picasso was just emerging from poverty. But most of all Spence's paintings show that imitation is not forbidden anymore and that artists can paint what they see without being indicted for philistinism or academicism.


Anonymous said...

Actually, she paints what the camera sees, not what she sees. This is a demonstration of great technical ability in rendering with oil paint but doesn't really do anything for me in terms of art. I don't feel anything from looking at her work, except to think "wow her paintings look like prints of average photos." To each their own I guess.

David V Wheeler said...

I think the last commenter is missing the point about Spence's work,and about painting in general,to gain a full appreciation you must experience it in the flesh.For a viewer look at a print of a painting is only to gain a shallow impression of it's qualities.Seeing the original would allow you to become aware of the mechanics of the paint itself and gain a deeper understanding of what the artist is aiming to achieve.