Tuesday, December 9, 2008


One hears a lot about the coming of the Chinese, their big ambitions on the Art market and the new wealth of a large population of collectors, industrialists and businessmen.

But who are the beneficiaries of these sudden largesses ? Well some are very famous and have already been mentioned on this blog. Names like
Zhang Xiaogang, are now familiar to the readers of this blog.

At the Basel Miami Art fair that close its doors last Sunday, the emergence of the Chinese was more than an evidence : they are coming in stride and in masses, buyers, collectors, dealers and museums curators. They come to buy and to sell.

European and American gallerists offering Chinese artists were quite ebullient : the value of a good Chinese artist had more than quintupled in 5 years. It has to be seen if in the current market conditions this statement will remain true but for the last 5 years it is a fact that Chinese painters have made a fantastic inroad in the Art World.

Among the most famous names one can mention people like
Zhang Dali, Zeng Fanzhi, Wang Guangyi, Zheng Guogu, Zhang Haiying, Zhang Hongtu, Zhang Huan, Qiu Jie, Xiang Jing (picture above), Shi Jinsong, Fang Lijun, Yue Minjun, Li Qing, Wu Shanzhuan, Shen Shaomin, Li Songsong (picture at right) , Zhan Wang, Liu Wei, Zhang Xiaotao, Cang Xin, Shi Xinning, Li Yan, Bai Yiluo, Sun Yuan & Peng Yu, Zhang Yuan, Yin Zhaohui, Feng Zhengjie.

The Saatchi Gallery on line has a full list of the promising and confirmed Chinese painters with nice photographs of some of their works. Maurice Saatchi has proved that he might be an awful speculator, capable to make and break artists but he has also showed to the world since the 80 that he has a terrific nose to spot innovators and trend setters. Having a look at some of the "protégés" of Mr Maurice won't hurt anybody and may give to new collectors some profitable ideas.

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