Thursday, October 30, 2008


Francoise Gilot born in 1921 is mainly known for having been the companion of Pablo Picasso from 1944 to 1953 and having raised his kids Paloma and Claude. But Gilot is also a good painter born in a Parisian family whose mother was herself an artist and a devoted watercolourist.

At 21 Gilot met Picasso then 40 years older and raised his kids. She wrote a book about her "Life with Picasso" that sold one million copies translated in 12 languages. In 1969 Gilot was introduced to Jonas Salk, the polio vaccine pioneer, at the home of mutual friends in La Jolla, California. Their shared appreciation of architecture led to a brief courtship and they were married in 1970 in Paris.

Gilot remained married to Dr. Salk until his death in 1995 and during her marriage she continued painting in New York,
California, and Paris. At 87, Gilot's vibrant, colorful art continues to reflect her thoughts on nature, time, symbols and signs.

This oil on canvas made in 1951 measures
20 x 25 in. (52 x 63.5 cm.)and was in the propriety of Eleanor S. and John M. Shoenberg. It was sold on auction in NYC in 1999 for $ 14,950 after having been estimated for less than 4,000. I remember very well that sort of oil bottle, they were very famous in the late 50 and early 60s and we had one on the dining table at home in Marseille, France.

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