Sunday, October 19, 2008


This work was made by Rachel Whiteread in 1991 and sold in London in 1998 for £76,300 ($127,558) after an estimate of 40-60,000 Pounds.

It is a plaster
measuring 31 x 192 x 140cm. Rachel is primarily concerned with the castings with which the human body is surrounded during its lifetime.

According to Christie's that sold the work on auction, none are more poignant or haunting than the beds and the mattresses, for they are the plinths on which our most important and profound experience take place. If Christie's says so it must be true but really who wants to put an item like this in his house elsewhere than
in the attic ?

Anyway once more contemporary items of Art can reach astronomical prices without any reason except the needs of the buyer that can deeply vary according to his/her means, his/her psyche and his/her mental balance.

Her best known work, House, was a concrete cast of the inside of an entire Victorian terraced house completed in autumn 1993, exhibited at the location of the original house — 193 Grove Road — in East London : all the houses in the street had earlier been knocked down by the council. It drew mixed responses, winning her both the Turner Prize for best young British artist in 1993 and the K Foundation art award for worst British artist. Tower Hamlets London Borough Council demolished House on 11 January 1994, a decision which caused some controversy as well.

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