Friday, November 14, 2008


This is doubtless an excellent picture and it reached recently an astronomical price although maybe a little overrated. It was painted in 1999 by American painter John Currin born in 1962 and is entitled "Nice'N Easy".

Currin was born in Boulder, Colorado, and grew up in Connecticut, where he privately studied painting with a renowned traditionally trained artist from Odessa (Ukraine), Lev Meshberg.

Later he went to Carnegie Mellon University in
Pittsburgh, where he obtained a BFA in 1984, and received a MFA from Yale University in 1986. John Currin's work draws upon a broad range of cultural influences that include Renaissance oil paintings, 1950s women's magazine advertisements, and contemporary politics.

He is known for his agressive, sarcastic painting of society and is considered by some as a pornographic painter of immense talent. Certain pictures are obviously pornographic but always showed a terrific perspective, a talent for colors and forms and their suggestiveness is never deceiving. The picture on the right will remind the readers of a more famous painter.

In the 1990s, Currin's ability to paint subjects of kitsch with technical facility met with critical and financial success, and by 2003 his paintings were selling "for prices in the high six figures". This "Nice'N Easy" sold for $ 5.45 million at Sotheby's New York Plaza in November 2008.

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