Sunday, November 23, 2008


Those flashy emeralds-brilliants earrings made by artist and jeweler Michele della Valle were sold in November 2008 for the modest sum of CHF 67,300 ($ 55,057) vs. an estimate of CHF 30,000-45,000.

Each of hoop design is set with two lines of graduated oval emeralds, each bordered by lines of brilliant-cut diamonds, mounted in white gold, signed MdV and numbered, fitted case.

Some people think the Art market is goind down the drain. Well not all the market as long as there are wealthy men to buy such expensive toys to their ladies. Personally I think that wearing such earring is nothing else than ostentatious and provocative. It is not art, it is display of fortune. And you must be a fool to pay 50,000 bucks just to show to your friends how rich you are.

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